Heat-On is installed with a TEN year guarantee

Heat-On is already being successfully installed throughout Europe and is replacing traditional central heating as well as other forms of expensive water and electric underfloor heating systems.
Heat-On is cheaper, more easily installed, more durable, cost-saving, space-saving, heat-efficient, maintenance free, damp-eliminating as well as perfect for allergy and respiratory ailment sufferers.

Heat-On is cutting-edge laminate technology that heats people and objects in a space and not the air. It can be fitted under tiles, wood, concrete, screed and drywall with a heating range of three metres.
Underfloor* laminate is 100w (29°C) and wall* and ceiling* is 200w (44°C)
*We recommend a minimum of 80% total surface area coverage for underfloor heating and a minimum of 60% of total surface area coverage for walls and ceilings.