Gas Heating To Be Banned in New Build Homes by 2025

Gas boilers are going the way of the dinosaurs! As part of the drive to meet emissions targets and tackle climate change the UK government is banning gas heating in new build homes by 2025.

This has caused some consternation in the heating industry for those with vested interests to defend even though everyone acknowledges gas heating systems produce damaging carbon emissions. Very damaging! Because of that it seems a given that with climate targets increasing and needing immediate attention gas powered heating will become obsolete in a matter of years.

The alternative, electric heating, is clean and respectful to the environment. It does not emit polluting gases or use heavy metals. The only problem is, it can be very expensive and in some cases, not totally green.

The scramble then is to produce efficient electric heating that is both green and economic. An immediate solution for some (there a over a million solar-panel fitted homes in the UK) and a medium term one for most is to install electric heating that uses electricity provided naturally e.g. by solar panels which would make properties totally green and self-sufficient.

But where gas boilers are replaced by electric boilers that do not use solar, water or wind power and the electricity used to power them is generated by burning fossil fuels they will still be contributing to the carbon emissions problem so the problem, although less severe, is not totally resolved.

The Heat-On solution already tackles the green and economic issues as Heat-On underfloor, wall and ceiling mats run on  electricity, and are cheaper to install and run than gas heating anyway. They can also be paired with solar panels to produce a totally green environment. E-Green Solutions will be providing sixth generation solar panels for those that do not have them to produce totally green environments with full economic benefits to homes and businesses later this year. It’s a serious issue. Please get in touch.