COVID and The Dangers of Convection Heating

With the WHO emerging evidence that coronavirus can be spread by tiny particles suspended in the air: BBC News – COVID-19 Spreads in the Air and with winter approaching a danger not yet mentioned is that convection heating that moves air to heat spaces e.g. central heating and blow heating increases the risk of transmission.

This is particularly true in closed environments e.g. care homes, schools and offices which experience the constant movement of spores and viruses from one end of a space to the other whenever the heating is turned on.

This why newcomers always take a few days to get used to a new office environment and can experience minor health issues along the way. However, there is an alternative.

Infra red heating is non-convection and radiates heat directly to people and objects without any convection i.e. movement of air.

Other advantages are zero carbon emissions, no wasted heat, cheaper energy costs and wellness: Infra Red Heat and Wellness

Infra red heating panels can be installed quickly and easily without major operational disruption and can be fitted on walls or ceilings without an urgent need to rip out existing heating systems.

Infra red heating can also be installed underfloor using hi-tech laminate sheets.

It seems certain that with the Covid-19 outbreak infra red heating will become more widely used throughout society whether for commercial or domestic properties as we all become even more health aware and virus conscious.