£650 Million of Energy Lost Each Year Due To Wastage

A study of 4,000 people by Smart Energy GB found almost a quarter are unaware of how to cut household energy loss.

In a campaign fronted by double Olympic champion swimming star Rebecca Adlington the company believes a move to smart meters would enable most households to save significantly on invisible energy loss. Rebecca states:

“We all know that we need to save energy…but because energy waste is invisible, it’s tricky to know how we can reduce it. Having spent most of my career trying to conserve my own energy, I recently turned my attention to the kind that powers our homes, because I knew it was the missing piece in my attempts to live a more eco-friendly life.”

Rebecca’s comments are spot on and at E-Green Solutions we stress very simple measures to reduce energy waste whether householders are keen to install smart meters or not.

The first is in providing ‘instant’ heat. Quite a bit of heat can be wasted in ‘warming up’ a room, especially where a space takes a while to get warm and requires heating to be switched on remotely and prior to use. It’s nice, and far more economical, to switch a system on and feel the effects almost instantaneously.

The second is in using a separate thermostat for each room, this way the heat can be switched on only in the spaces where it is needed whether to keep people warm or to eliminate damp.

The third is the use of infrared heating and not convection. With infrared only the solid objects in a space are heated and not the air as in convection systems such as radiators and open fires. The loss of warm air to unnecessary spaces e.g. the ceiling or through the opening and closing of doors and windows is a major burden on heating bills.

The saving on costs using underfloor infrared heating mats is 25%-30% lower than using traditional systems and can be even more if we’re smart about it.